About the Silly Blogger

Before anything else, Silly M'ree is composed by a creative Homosapien named Marie Manzano. Let me share with you how Marie came up with the name of her blog.

Silly, pronounced as [sil-ee], is defined as weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish by the dictionary. But the author of this blog defined 'silly' in a positive way: quirky and to be funny in a cute way. M'ree, on the other hand, is the pronunciation of Marie's name when uttered fast. The name "M'ree" was given to her by a friend. Marie came up with such a great idea of combining the two words together because they rhyme so much and the two words are similar with each other as Marie is quirky and also funny in a cute way.

Okay. Back to describing the author. She is a 20-year-old, right-handed Filipina who is currently sharing every piece of her life through blogs and videos about makeup, food and anything silly under the sun. She is a 3rd year college student taking up AB International Studies as her course at Far Eastern University, Manila. For those of you who doesn't know anything about the said course, International Studies students like Marie study things from outside of the country relating those from inside of our country. It's like Political Science, only international. ;) Marie also has a YouTube channel but she prefers to do good on her blogging skills first rather than her video-ing skills.

Marie created this blog not to make herself famous but to just share what she thinks on what she loves: makeup, food and anything silly under the sun.

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