Saturday, June 22, 2013


It's been so long since I posted something in this little blog of mine. Hihi. I've been so tired of putting up pictures and reviews about a certain product, however, I need to suck it up and do what I must do: WRITE A BLOG. I have been doing videos lately for my Youtube Channel and I was thinking of creating new blog posts for my blog, and so I removed all of my past blog posts and will be creating new ones as my YT channel is new as well. I need a fresh start since I just graduated from college! It's just a relief that I have a free schedule where I can blog, vlog and even video myself doing tutorials and a bunch of stuff. Hihi. So as for the first blogpost in my blog, I'll be just sharing with you some things that happened before that made me realize I should do more videos and posts for you guys. Aryt! So, I'll just see you around then! Byiee!

Seeing Ms. Shebby for the first time, in actual flesh, is such a big deal for me.
I was a bit shy to go to her M&G. Hihi.

I saw Ms. Bing Castro as well on Ms. Shebby's M&G! What a pleasant surprise! 

And here I am dressed in my green toga. Yeah. I just graduated.